closed source

Welcome to my closed source page. You will find various software projects here, written in a number of languages, for a variety of clients. Full source code is either not available because I do not any longer own the rights to the project, or the code uses proprietary components which I have no distribution rights for.

SwiftGT Mouse for ShiVa (2017) – C++, Objective-C++ and Lua
Proprietary bluetooth mouse plugin

VIVE/SteamVR for ShiVa (2016/17) – C++ and Lua

LEAP motion for ShiVa (2016) – C++ and Lua
Depth/IR camera for sensing hand and finger motions

Basic KINECT2 for ShiVa (2016) – C++ and Lua
Xbox One KINECT2 for Windows 10 integation

TrackIR for ShiVa (2015) – C++ and Lua
Full 6 DOF support for head tracking