3D modelling

Welcome to my modelling showcase. You can find my latest models, WIP art, sketches, and the final models here. Sometimes, you will also be able to download a video. Movies are encoded using either xVid or h264.

RC toy tank (2014)

Modelled for a yet unannounced casual game. Mesh consists of 5k triangles and was created in wings3d in 6 hours. Rendered in Cheetah3d and Substance Painter.

CSIS gate (2012)

AO rendering of the goal for the super special CSiS asteroid football game mode that never shipped. The two solar panels deliver the energy was to be channeled to the middle ring by an animated energy beam.

CSIS ships (2011)

These are ambient occlusion renderings of the 5 CSiS ships i have been re-detailling for normal map creation. Each model is about 60k of tris and took me 1-3 days. The ship lowpoly shapes were designed by fellow CSIS teammate Wolfgang Reichart.

CSIS space station (2010)

This design for the big station was planned to be under attack in the “Capture the Station” game mode.