2 new Christmas arrangements

For Christmas 2020, I have finished 2 new arrangements:
– “Es kommt ein Schiff, geladen” is based on the traditional carol of the same name and was inspired by Fabian Enders’ previous arrangements from the mid-2010s.
– “Weihnachtsabend” is an arrangement of the famous Intrada by Valerius Otto for SATB choir with festive lyrics.

All scores are available from the compositions/arrangements page.

New compositions: Kondukt and Media Vita

2 new compositions, originally intended as entries for contests, are now available on the Music page: Kondukt for violin and viola, and Media Vita for choir (SSAATTBB). Both are based on and use themes from older works, especially my Rostropovich Fuga and a modified Bach choral.

Page update: code and literature

This page has a “closed source” section now. You will find various software projects there, written in a number of languages, for a variety of clients. Full source code is either not available because I do not any longer own the rights to the project, or the code uses proprietary components which I have no distribution rights for. Furthermore, the literature section got extended with many of the articles I have written last year, mostly dealing with C++, Objective-C++, and Lua.

New choral composition: Da pacem Domine

A new choral composition is now available on the Music page: Da pacem Domine for 4 voices (SATB), solo (S/MS) and 1 or 2 harp(s). Originally written for the 2017 Deutscher Chorverband competition, it did not receive a prize, so I am publishing it here in the hopes that some choir might find the piece interesting enough to perform. If you do, please let me know.

A Solis Ortus Cardine available

A new choral composition is now available on the Music page: A Solis Ortus Cardine for 8 voices plus solo. Originally written for the 2017 Musica Sacra Nova competition 2017, it did not receive a prize, and since the grace period has passed, I am publishing it here in the hopes that some choir might find the piece interesting enough to perform. If you do, please let me know.

Zukunft? – now available

“Zukunft? – Eine musikalische Farce” is now available for download. Originally written for the DMW 2017, it was rejected earlier this week from the competition.

The piece is an exploration of the capacity for self irony in today’s “serious” modern classical music scene: Three young musicians (Flute, Piano, Cello) are rudely interrupted during the performance of a modern piece of music by an older person in the audience (male/female voice) who subsequently takes over their performance. Trying to force “good” music on them in form of a Webern Trio, the older audience member unwillingly exposes himself/herself for the political and artistic anachronism he/she is, widening the gap between the generations even further, until everyone leaves the stage in protest.

New CD available

The new audio CD “Ein neues Lied wir heben an – Chorwerke auf Gesänge Martin Luthers” is now available!

Includes works by Andreas Hammerschmidt, Johann Hermann Schein, Herbert Collum, Günter Raphael, Johann Sebastian Bach, Orlando di Lasso, Samuel Scheidt, Antonio Scandello, Felix Caffier, Michael Praetorius, Georg Christoph Biller, Heinrich Schütz, Heinrich von Herzogenberg, Johann Walter, Georg Philipp Telemann

Sächsischer Kammerchor, conducted by Fabian Enders

Read the full article and listen to excerpts: VKJK website / Querstand

Tondichtung and Ostermusik now available

Two new works are available on the Music page: Tondichtung for Orchestra and Ostermusik for Choir. Tondichtung is an arrangement of 2014’s Posaunenkonzert, this time without the solo trombone, after the criticism it earned. Ostermusik is an adaptation of the Easter hymn “Christ ist erstanden”, connecting it with “Christ lag in Todesbanden” and “Es war ein wunderlicher Krieg” by Bach/Luther. Ostermusik will be features in the upcoming SKC Easter concerts and possibly the upcoming SKC CD recording.

New trisymphony.com design

After a couple of days work, I am proud to release the new trisymphony.com website. While I loved the old WebsiteBaker, I could not deny that development on the CMS was standing still. Over the last two years, I was forced to work with wordpress for multiple projects, so I became quite familiar with the system and decided to use it for my personal website as well.

I have been going over the content as well and updated the page texts, the galleries, my CV, uploaded new compositions and linked my new open source projects. Hopefully you will like the changes. I am tweaking the design to work on smaller screens like phones and tablets, so for now the site is best viewed on panels with 1280px width and above.