This page features articles and books I have written on several topics.


using tables (2017) – Lua
ShiVa and Lua table introduction

from Objective-C++ to Lua (2017) – Objective-C++, C++, Lua
ShiVa plugin guide for cross-language frameworks

C++11 multithreading in games (2017) – C++11, Lua
using std::thread in the ShiVa engine

ShiVa Networking (2017) – Lua
using ShiVa’s network library to create a simple chat application

ShiVa scripting unlocked (2017) – Lua
a closer look at the undocumented Lua features inside the ShiVa engine


Der innere Dirigent


Caffier: Der Innere Dirigent, oder: Was uns Sevcik nicht beibringen kann (Diplomarbeit, GER)

ESTA Magazin Nr. 70


Shortened version of Der Innere Dirigent for the German branch of the European String Teacher Association (ESTA) magazine Nr. 70 (OCT 2013) (GER)